Speeding in the village

SAM2 Camera

This is owned by the Parish Council. It is moved to various places in the village, which are authorised by the Highways Authority.

The SAM2 records the number of vehicles and their speeds. No number plates are recorded by SAM 2. However, the results of regular speeding occurrences are reported to North Walsham Police station and an officer with a camera may be sent to investigate.

Community Speed Watch

We are a Community Speed Watch village and a team of volunteers regularly operate at a designated position on the Aylsham Road. Any vehicle recorded doing 35 mph or above have their speed, number plate and time the offence occurred noted,. This data is sent to Norfolk Police Community Speed Watch and a letter (not a fine) is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. If the owner gets a 3rd letter in a year, a Police officer is despatched to speak with them.

Would you like to volunteer to help for an hour, once a week? Please contact Mike Pepperell (Parish Counsellor) on mikepepperell@yahoo.com for more information. Full training is provided.